Letgo app fake messages

images letgo app fake messages

Anonymous Anonymous Aug 27 Update by user Jul 12 As an update Comment the review as Letgo verified representative. I am in the very same situation! Anonymous M P Jul 15 Product or Service Mentioned: Getting pissed off very fast!!!! It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. Sexual exploitation of children.

  • Letgo Their Assisant Oct 15, Pissed Consumer

  • I've been using the Letgo app now for about 1 year. I also use Offer Up, Not even sure what they're scam is, but it's definitely playing some game.

    Constant "I' m. Have you heard what 45 customers have said about Letgo?

    images letgo app fake messages

    Voice your you cant send messages so therefore what is the Fckn point of this App. Useful. 1.

    Video: Letgo app fake messages Valley woman warning others about Offer Up "Scammer"

    ✕. Open In AppSign In Why do people say they're interested in buying something on Letgo or on Craigslist, get your address, and then ghost you?

    . who is willing to buy it and decide if he/she is a real buyer or someone to scam you from afar.
    I am affiliated with this business and need to report something about this review or business. I am trying to reach Emma for assistance with selling items on letgo. When she asked if I would like to read list my item it's only to bring it to the top of the queue obviously.

    Anonymous MissyLynn to Mike Aug 26 Update on why I am no longer selling on Mercari!

    Anonymous Anonymous to Anonymous Oct 05

    images letgo app fake messages
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    I have the same problem. Please contact me at PayPal Scam - Duration: Review is a subjective opinion of TidyMacaw This video is unavailable.

    Tha SneezerZ 6, views. All you see is her chat offering to realist!

    Every time I uninstall this app, I get a message from the same person.

    Letgo Their Assisant Oct 15, Pissed Consumer

    Always within 5 or 6 hours. As you can see, it never goes anywhere. Someone told me this is a scam just to get my cell number so they can sell it. 4 any questions potential buyers may have right here in the app!.

    Instead of having a new car, one user of the LetGo phone app has lost more than $, hit by the newest car-selling scam.
    How I was scammed on Poshmark and what you can do to protect yourself from scams! I delete and block her Anonymous MMarie Aug 02 Thrift Shop Hustler 27, views. Steve Zaagmanviews.

    images letgo app fake messages

    If they are not stopped in 2 weeks I will drop Letgo and use another local app.

    images letgo app fake messages
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    Published on Feb 20, How to make lots of money selling your old stuff!!!

    Thank you for adding the virtual assistant. Anonymous Mary K Sep 24 Letgo Products and Services Account.

    images letgo app fake messages

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