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images her app faq

They load pages in Browser B. Would it be possible to get these statistics for a given US state, e. Weighting stats means that the stats are only as good as the weighting methodology used. The filters accessed through the right menu bar adjust who shows up in your Meet section. Why do you base your stats on page views rather than unique visitors? How to purchase HER Premium. The StatCounter Global Stats graphs adjust to display the most popular browsers for the particular period under analysis. Referral stats were largely based, therefore, on referrals from twitter. With online web analytics as provided by StatCounter the relevant header information is not passed so these preview requests can't be detected and therefore can't be removed.

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  • HER Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People About
  • HER Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People

  • From Dattch to HER · Account settings · About HER · My Profile · Privacy · Likes & Messages · Blogs & Events. What is HER? HER is a mobile app to help lesbian.

    My location is not updating on the app since I changed location I deleted HER from my phone and didn't delete my account – how do I close my account?. From Dattch to HER · Account settings · About HER · My Profile · Privacy · Likes & Messages · Blogs & Events.

    images her app faq

    Are my filters broken, I'm seeing girls too far away?.
    Subscribe to Global Stats by email We respect your privacy and will never share your email address with any third party. You can learn more about the t. How do I tag people in a post? This is due to our use of page views to track browser usage - page views are less susceptible to influence by prerendering than unique visitors.

    My HER Premium features aren't working.

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    We make every effort to eliminate bot activity.

    images her app faq
    Her app faq
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    How to edit your profile 1. Please note that we are not connected with Net Apps but due to many recent queries about the comparison of our services, we have published this FAQ. Prerendering was announced by Chrome in June Do you provide email client usage stats?

    HER is an award-winning lesbian app.


    Use it to meet girls nearby, stay up-to-date with local LGBT events and read queer news. For dating, chatting and. So, when Robyn Exton, the CEO at Her (stylized as HER), a dating app centered on lesbian, bi, and queer women, asked me if I was interested.

    images her app faq

    Her is the biggest (and best!) app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women worldwide. Surround yourself with new awesome friends, go on dates, find local.
    We base our stats on page views and not unique visitors - we feel that this gives the fairest approximation of internet usage.

    We don't use any artificial weights - instead our users can apply their chosen weights if they wish.

    HER Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People About

    I did not meet the authentication criteria. Bundling these third party browsers with IE would simply incorrectly inflate the IE stats.

    images her app faq

    Closing an account on HER. In Septemberour global sample consisted of

    images her app faq
    Facebook romania prieteni
    Would we rerun and restate all our prior stats?

    What data do you use from my Instagram?

    HER Dating and Social App for LGBTQ+ People

    No weighting system is imposed on them and they are free to take our data and weight it however they wish or not at all.

    I tried to create an account with Facebook, but it failed. This is obviously incorrect. Sharing your location with HER.

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    1. Blocking someone on HER. To see the list of search engines currently tracked, please select the "Search Engine" statistic and choose the "Bar" graph option.